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Vacation Home Check


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    1. We want to help your home stay safe while you are away through our vacation house watch program; however, submitting this request does not remove your responsibility as a homeowner from making every effort to protect your property while you are away. We encourage you to make arrangements with family members, friends, and neighbors to also check on the home.
    2. The department will not check vacant properties, homes for sale / rent, homes which are occupied during your absence, or homes undergoing renovations where workers are present throughout the day. Please be aware that the officers who complete these checks do not physically check doors and windows as we do not want to bring attention to the property; however, if something seems suspicious the officer will investigate further. Checks are completed as a part of our routine patrol duties. The vacation house check program has a limit of 30 days and is not intended for "snow-birds" who are traveling to another home for the winter.