Public Notification

Agency Policies

The Fox Point Police Department is recognized by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group (WILEAG) as having met standards for a professional police organization.  This recognition includes a review of our agency policies to ensure they meet current standards and legal principles.

This portion of our website provides access to select agency directives and General Orders as outlined in Wisconsin law.  We encourage members of the public who have questions about agency policy or practices to contact the department and meet with a member of the command staff to  answer questions or provide clarification.

The department General Orders manual is reviewed annually for corrections or necessary modifications and is re-published in June.  Directives that require updates will note the date of the  last update on the document header.  Special Orders are issued when a General Order is updated mid-year and are subsequently incorporated into the General Orders manual during the following review cycle.

Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO )Program

The Fox Point Police Department is enrolled in the U.S. Department of Defense Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) program, formerly known as the 1033 program.  The program permits the Secretary of Defense to transfer excess Department of Defense supplies and equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies for use in their law enforcement duties.  This property is procured at no cost to the agency with the exception of any shipping or transportation costs.  The type of property available includes, but is not limited to, tactical gear, vehicles, watercraft, weapons, night vision, exercise equipment, office furniture, clothing, and other miscellaneous items.   All equipment must be strictly accounted for.

 Controlled Items Requested

 The Fox Point Police Department must publicly submit a list of controlled property items requested for use.  The following is a list of controlled property items we may request if the items become available:


  • Riot / Crowd Control Equipment - Personal Armor, Ballistic Shields, Ballistic Helmets
  • Specialized Firearms and Ammunition – Less Lethal launchers, Shotguns, Rifles
  • Armored Vehicle – Armored SUV, Armored Humvee
  • Breaching Apparatus
  • Robotic Equipment / Surveillance / Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

 Use of Equipment

 The intended use of the excess property includes, but is not limited to, response to disaster related emergencies, active shooter scenarios, hostage situations, search and rescue operations, anti-terrorism preparedness, protection, prevention, response, recovery, or relief, and dignitary escort protection.