Citizen Feedback

The Fox Point Police Department has a long history of holding its personnel to a higher professional standard.  This level of service has become the expected norm for our visitors and residents, along with a goal for officers each and every day when they are serving the community.  In order to maintain these standards, we utilize detailed operational directives, outside professional review and certification, internal professional standards reviews, and, most importantly, feedback from the people we serve.  Without our community partners, we could not create a safe environment for people to live, visit and enjoy recreationally.

We encourage your feedback as we strive to maintain our high standards, and welcome your recommendations about the service we provide, your commendations of police employee performance, or your complaints about the actions of any department member.  Feedback to the department can be delivered as a compliment, concern, or complaint; all of which are an important tool for the departments growth and development.  Please review the sections below for the methods available to provide feedback for the department.

Fox Point Police Department personnel strive to provide the highest level of professional police services to the public.  In addition to responding to calls for service, officers work to develop relationships and serve as a resource to the community.  Feedback regarding their performance is beneficial for staff development and evaluation.

Members of the public who would like to provide a compliment or positive feedback related to an officers performance can complete the form below.  The contents of the report will be shared with the staff member as well as the employees supervisor.

Citizen Feedback Form