DOT: Lake Drive Project

Lake Drive Project

In mid-2019, the DOT informed Village staff that they planned to resurface Lake Drive.  Staff then began meeting with DOT representatives to determine the scope of the project.  Initially, the project included some stormwater improvements, possible bike lane additions and other enhancements.  As DOT staff worked with the selected consultant (Kapur & Associates) throughout 2020 to develop a scope for the design and construction, it became clear that the DOT was only going to resurface the existing road (considered a perpetuation project).

The resurfacing does not address improvements requested by members of the community over the past years such as adding crosswalks, creating bike lanes, and improving stormwater performance at critical areas along the route.  Staff did propose evaluating these items through a separate agreement with Kapur but was asked to regauge interest in the various components considering that the Village would have to pay for the improvements.  

More information will be forthcoming including possible land surveys to gather additional data on the nature of the project.  If bike lanes were to be added, minor widening of Lake Drive would be required in areas where the road is not currently wide enough.  Regardless of a potential widening, there is NO intent to remove the existing pedestrian path nor the Village street trees in a wholesale manner.  As a Tree City community for 30 years, staff prides itself on preserving most trees in road reconstruction projects and will work to do the same on this project.

Design for the resurfacing of the road has already begun and is expected to be completed by May 2023.  Construction will likely occur in either 2024 (depending on funding from the DOT) or 2025.  The DOT will be funding the entire cost of the resurfacing but the Village would be responsible for other improvements such as the addition of cross walks or bike lanes if incorporated into the project.

Please continue to check back to this page for updates on both projects.