Electric Scooters

The electric kick scooter has been gaining popularity in urban settings as a last-mile mode of transportation, but what about using the scooters in the suburbs?  Can I ride it on the road? What about the sidewalk or pathway?

2019 Wisconsin Act 11 was passed in July of 2019 and changed the legal classification of electric scooters to permit their use on the road, pathway, bicycle lane and in many communities the sidewalk.

This law did not change the classification of manual scooters (Razor scooters) or skateboards, which continue to be classified as play vehicles and prohibited on the roadways.

What is the law regarding electric scooters in Fox Point?

The best answer and simplest way to remember the law -- follow the bicycle laws.

• The electric scooter is defined by law as: a device weighing less than 100 pounds that has handlebars and an electric motor, is powered solely by the electric motor and human power, and has a maximum speed of not more than 20 miles per hour on a paved level surface when powered solely by the electric motor.

• The operator must follow the rules of the road and is subject to the penalties for violating those rules.

• The scooter can be ridden on the road in the same fashion as a bicycle; travelling the same direction as traffic, on the edge of the paved surface.

• The scooter can be ridden on the pathways and bicycle ways, as well as a sidewalk, if the community does not have an ordinance prohibiting such activity.

• The scooter must have a white light to the front and a red reflector to the rear if ridden during the hours of darkness. While not required, a reflective vest is strongly recommended.