Club Circle, Lilac Lane and Poplar Drive Road

Poplar, Club, Lilac and Merrie Landscape Restoration Update: The Village’s contractor is expected to begin landscape restoration activities for last year’s project on or about May 20th. Depending on the weather, the contractor may start sooner or later than next Monday. Many residents have also been calling about the landscape netting placed along Poplar. Although some residents have already removed the netting, please leave the netting in place as any grass that has begun to grow has shallow roots and, by tearing up the netting, you are likely pulling out the new grass. Landscape restoration activities, along with other miscellaneous project tasks, could take up to a month to complete. The contractor has the responsibility to provide water until the grass is established but residents should also remember to water the landscaped areas afterwards.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Scott Brandmeier at or 414-351-8900.

Club Lilac and Poplar PIM