Backyard Fires

I remember going on summer vacation as a child sitting around a fire outside at night. I wish I could do that in Fox Point; and you can, within reason. The Village Board passed an ordinance which allows for the burning of natural substances (wood, brush, etc.) within an enclosed container, if the container is more than 25 feet from a structure. Backyard 'campfire' containers are available at big box stores, patio stores, and some hardware stores for this purpose. The village does not permit openly burning of materials (campfires / bonfires) or the burning of garbage.

Chapter 276. SOLID WASTE

Article I Collection and Disposal § 276-4. 

Burning Garbage or Rubbish

G. The owner or occupant of any premise or his agent may, without applying for or obtaining a permit therefore, burn or cause to be burned grass, brush or rubbish, exclusive of garbage, if the same is completely enclosed in a metal or metal mesh container with holes in the bottom thereof no large than 22 inches in diameter, and with holes in the side or top thereof no larger than 1/2 inch in diameter, and provided such container is not placed closer than 25 feet to any structure nor on or near an area containing dry grass, weeds or other combustible material.