Board of Appeals

Roles and Responsibilities

The Board of Appeals is designated and appointed "impartial decision maker" to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged there is error made by an administrative official. These errors can include any order, requirement, decision or determination. Special exceptions are also heard and decided upon by the Board of Appeals in addition to any and all other applicable duties.

Meeting Times

See the Village Agendas & Minutes page (see below) to check for upcoming meetings and their corresponding agendas.

Notice of Appeal and Application for Review

The Notice of Appeal and Application for Review must be filled out by those wishing to be heard by board of appeals. Be sure to download the form to your PC before filling it out in its entirety.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.


Case 2018-02: 1090 East Thorne Lane (PDF)


  • Kurt Ostoic, Chair - Term Expires 2022
  • Nancy Filsinger - Term Expires 2021
  • Catie Anderson Knight - Term Expires 2021
  • Mark Grady - Term Expires 2022
  • Thomas Dunst - Term Expires 2022
  • Carlie Aizenberg, Alternate 1 - Term Expires 2021
  • Scott Ratke, Alternate 2 - Term Expires 2021
  • Larry Shainock, Alternate 3 - Term Expires 2022
  • Adam Bazelon, Alternate 4 - Term Expires 2023


The Village President, pursuant to the Wisconsin Statutes, shall, subject to the confirmation by the Board of Trustees, appoint members and alternate members of a Board of Appeals with terms of office commencing April 1 and shall designate one of the members as Chairperson.