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Restraining Orders (Harassment / Domestic Violence)

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, restraining order services are not being offered in-person at the Milwaukee County courthouse. All restraining orders must be filed online.  

The following instructions have been provided by the courthouse staff to facilitate the filing of a restraining order:

  1. Proceed to the Court Website to obtain the documents needed related to the restraining order.
  2. Select the type of restraining order desired and complete the appropriate forms (the user will need to save the forms on their computer as a PDF.  The system will not accept word documents).

  3. Login to the Electronic Filing Website (this may require creating an account).
  4. Select "File a New Case."
  5. Select "Milwaukee" under the county heading and the type of order desired under the Class Code.
  6. Select Continue and add the Petitioner (You) and the Respondent (person who order is filed against) information.
  7. Upload the documents saved to the computer in step 2 above.
  8. Review the information being submitted and select Continue to submit the request.