House Rental

I could really use the extra money from renting my house this weekend.

With peer-to-peer house-sharing websites growing in popularity, the idea of renting out your Fox Point home may seem like a good idea for some extra money. As you ponder the idea of renting your home on the internet, please reflect on the fact that rental of your home is violating village ordinance, not to mention the crime prevention aspect of a person coming into the home and possibly causing damage or stealing personal property.

The Village of Fox Point has enacted zoning ordinances in an attempt to create a positive, safe community which respects the rights of all property owners. Chapter 745 of the village code specifically addresses the use of a private residence. …the desire of the inhabitants and property owners to preserve the residential character of the Village, and in the opinion of the Board of Trustees, the enactment of the regulations of this chapter is essential for the promotion of the public health, morals and public safety, and is further necessary for the promotion of the public welfare, convenience and general prosperity of the Village… 

Popular websites make reference to the short-term rental of your house by many names, including hosting and vacation rental; however, regardless of the advertised name, the rental of your house is covered by Chapter 745 of the Village Code.

Specifically, the code defines the short-term rental of a private residence as a Time-Share Property and prohibits the rental of a private, single family home for periods of less than 120 days.

Chapter 745. ZONING

§ 745-2. Interpretation and definitions.


Any property that is regulated by Chapter 707, Wisconsin Statutes, and in addition, any real property that is subject to any contract, lease easement, instrument or other device which requires payment or other remuneration or barter, for the benefit of the property owner, whereby two or more families, persons, corporations, firms or entities have an exclusive right to occupy said property during separate periods of time, with any such right of occupancy having an actual duration of less than 120 days. Except as regulated by Chapter 707, Wisconsin Statutes, a contract which is solely intended to provide security or maintenance for the property while the owner is absent, and whereby the owner receives no compensation or other benefit other than the security or maintenance, known as a "house sitter contract," is excluded from the definition of time share property. [Added 4-19-2010 by Ordinance Number 2010-07] 

§ 745-8. Time-share property restricted. [Added 4-19-2010 by Ord. No. 2010-07]

A. Time-share property, as defined herein, shall be subject to all of the following requirements:  

(1) The property must be owned in such a way, and must include such uses, so as to subject the property  to the regulations of Chapter 707, Wisconsin Statutes; and

(2) The property must fully and strictly comply with the requirements of Chapter 707, Wisconsin Statutes at  all times; and

(3) The use shall be subject to a PDO Planned Development Overlay zoning amendment being granted, in  accordance with all of the rules and regulations of § 745-21 of this chapter, prior to commencing such use,  and must fully and strictly comply with the same at all times.

B. Time-share property that does not satisfy the requirements of Subsection A of this section, above, is prohibited in the A-1, A-2, A-3, B and C Residence Districts in the Village of Fox Point. These regulations are intended to impose the same requirements upon property that is regulated by Chapter 707, Wisconsin Statutes that are imposed upon physically identical property in the Village of Fox Point that is not in time share ownership.