House Rental

I could really use the extra money from renting my house this weekend.

With peer-to-peer house-sharing websites growing in popularity, the idea of renting out your Fox Point home may seem like a good idea for some extra money. As you ponder the idea of renting your home on the internet, please reflect on the fact that rental of your home is violating village ordinance, not to mention the crime prevention aspect of a person coming into the home and possibly causing damage or stealing personal property.

The village has enacted zoning ordinances in an attempt to create a positive, safe community which respects the rights of all property owners.  In 2017 the State of Wisconsin enacted law that regulated the use of a private residence as a vacation rental and the Village of Fox Point updated the municipal code a short time later, as directed by the state law.  

Chapter 573 was created and addresses the use of the private residence as a vacation rental.  The full text of the ordinance can be viewed in the village code.  An excerpt of the most commonly inquired about sections are listed below.


§ 573-1. Interpretation and definitions.

Vacation Rental Establishment means any property that is defined or regulated by Wisconsin Statutes §§66. 1014(2)( d) 2 or 97.01( 15k), as a tourist rooming house. 

Short-term rental means a residential dwelling that is offered for rent for a fee and for fewer than 29 consecutive days.

§573-2. Regulation of Vacation Rental

License Required. No vacation rental establishment may operate in the Village of Fox Point unless a vacation rental establishment license for such operation is granted by the Village of Fox Point, and only in full compliance with such license. A separate license is required for each rental of the vacation rental establishment. 

Application. Application for license shall be made by the property owner in writing to the Village Clerk upon forms provided by the Village of Fox Point. Such application must be filed with the Village Clerk no later than 48 hours prior to the proposed vacation rental period of use. 

Fees. The applicant shall pay such fee as may be established from time to time by the Village of Fox Point Board by separate resolution, for each vacation rental establishment license application. 

Prohibition. Rental of a residential dwelling for 6 consecutive days or fewer is prohibited.