View 2020 Village Property Assessments

View completed 2020 property assessments sorted by tax key number or account number.

View Your Complete Property Assessment Information

Visit the Associated Appraisal Consultants website to see assessment information for your property.

  1. Under Select One to Continue, click "Village of Fox Point."
  2. Search for your property. Type in either your parcel number OR the number of your street address.
  3. Click "Search" or press Enter.
  4. Click on the parcel number corresponding to your property address.

Here you will find the property's legal description, assessed value, building data, sale data, and more.

View a Summary of Your Property Assessment

Visit our Land Records Web Portal to see a summary of the assessment information associated with your property.

  1. Accept the browser requirements ("I Accept" button) and type in ONE of the following: Parcel # OR House #
  2. Click "Search For Properties" and find your property address.
  3. Click "Assessments" on the top menu.
  4. Click "Print Assessment Details."

Here you will find your assessment summary. For the complete details of your property assessment, refer to View Your Complete Property Assessment Information.

Object a Property Assessment

To object a property assessment, you must fill out an objection form and submit it to the Village Board of Review.

See the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's Filing Objections web page for more information on objecting a property assessment.

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