Stormwater Utility Information

After much study and consideration, the Fox Point Village Board adopted an ordinance at its February 10, 2009 meeting authorizing creation of a Stormwater Utility for the Village of Fox Point. Going forward, it means that stormwater management expenses will be paid for by property owners on a fee basis rather than through the property tax as has been the practice. Implementation of the Utility will enable the village to begin making headway on a backlog of stormwater projects.

New Fees

Residents and property owners saw the Stormwater Utility fee on their quarterly water and sewer bills beginning in May 2009. Residential properties were grouped into 5 fee categories, known as tiers, which represent a range of impervious square footages. Each residential property was then assigned a tier based on that particular property's square footage. Commercial and institutional properties were assigned to Tier 6 and billed based on their specific impervious surface.

A resolution to amend the Stormwater Utility service charge was adopted on January 8, 2019 and will take effect February 1, 2019. The increase from $10.72 per ERU (Equivalent Runoff Unit) per month to $11.90 per ERU per month, or an 11% increase, was deemed necessary in order to support the cost of the Stormwater Management services, systems and facilities.


Property owners will have the opportunity to earn credits as a partial offset to the fees. Credits may be earned by reducing the impact of a property's impervious surface through the establishment of such things as rain barrels, rain gardens, and porous pavement. Applications for credits may be obtained at Village Hall.

Commercial VS. Private Homeowners

With the stormwater utility's implementation, single-family homeowners will decrease their expense for stormwater expenses, while commercial properties will see an increase. Governmental and religious institutions will be charged for stormwater expenses for the 1st time. For more information about the utility, please contact Village Hall at 414-351-8900.

Annual Stormwater Report

Village staff have completed the report of annual stormwater activities that occurred in the Village during 2021 (see below).  The report addresses public education and outreach activities, illicit discharges into the storm sewer system (of which there were none in the Village), construction site pollution control, post-construction stormwater management and pollution prevention.  The report is included as an attachment for the public to review and comments may be sent to Scott Brandmeier, Director of Public Works, at Three main takeaways from the report are as follows: (1) the Village continues to partner with Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust (Sweetwater) and the Respect our Waters campaign to provide public education and outreach, (2) no illicit discharges (e.g., improperly disposed of water such as sanitary or commercial/industrial flows) occurred in the Village but we did report on two outfalls where groundwater is regularly observed, and (3) the Village continues to pursue opportunities, including grant funding, to incorporate green infrastructure into its road projects.

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