Domestic Animals Regulations

Dogs and cats are commonly owned pets that can quickly become nuisances if not properly regulated and maintained. As a result, the Village of Fox Point restricts the number of dogs or cats to 3 per residence and requires that they be properly licensed.

Licenses can be obtained at the Village Hall at the following address:
7200 N. Santa Monica Boulevard
Fox Point, WI 53217

Nuisance Laws

Animals are restricted from being unleashed and at large or from habitually disturbing neighbors by frequent howling, barking, whining, meowing, etc. In addition, it is required that you have visibly in your possession a device for the removal of animal fecal matter and that any fecal matter be promptly removed and disposed of when not on your property. (Village Code)

Animal Bites
Wisconsin state law (s.95.21) requires that any dog or cat that bites a person be quarantined for 10 days so that the animal can be observed for signs of rabies.

  • If the animal remains well during the 10 days, this indicates the animal does not have the rabies virus in its saliva at the time of the bite, and the person who was bit does not need to receive the expensive and unpleasant series of shots to prevent rabies.
  • If an unvaccinated dog or cat bites a person, an officer will order that animal quarantined for a period of at least 10 days after the bite.
  • During the 10 day quarantine the dog or cat will be held under strict isolation at the isolation facility and examined by a licensed veterinarian on the first day, the last day, and one intervening day of the observation period (A minimum of 3 checks).
  • The quarantine may be released after the veterinarian certifies that the animal has exhibited no signs of rabies during the 10-day quarantine period. 
  • Vaccinated dogs and cats may be quarantined on the premises of the owner if the animal is kept in an escape proof enclosure or in the home and walked on a leash by a responsible adult. If a quarantine cannot be adequately maintained on the premises of the owner, an officer may order a vaccinated dog or cat to be quarantined at an isolation facility.