Parking Regulations

The Village of Fox Point restricts on-street parking at all times; however, the police department uses discretionary enforcement in an attempt to partner with the community and will grant parking permission as needed. Officers will evaluate a parking situation, taking into consideration contractor / landscaping vehicles, delivery vehicles, neighborhood events, etc. and take action to correct the problem as appropriate.

If off-street parking is not available (driveway is full, contract work being completed, etc.), on-street parking is permitted on one side of the roadway. If you expect to have cars parked at your residence, call the police non-emergency number for parking permission.


§ 870-7. Parking restrictions.

A. No person shall park a vehicle on any street or public way except:  

    1) On Beach Road pursuant to a permit issued under Chapter 586 of this Code; or
    2) In a district zoned residential or institutional while visiting or transacting business with a person in  the Village whose private driveway or other facilities for parking are unavailable for such  purpose.
    3) Except for vehicles in Subsection A(1) and (2), all other vehicles must receive permission from  the Police Department.[1]  

B. When parking is permitted:  
     1) No vehicle shall be parked in a manner which violates any of the restrictions of Chapter 346 of  the Wisconsin Statutes.
     2) And two or more vehicles are parked in close proximity, they shall all be parked on the same side  of the street, except that on streets that have a divided roadway with a grass or planting strip on  the center, parking (when permitted) may be on the right-hand side of each of said roadways  and by permission as specified in Subsection A(3) of this section. [Amended by Ordinance Number 328[2]]