Regulation of Signs

Signs provide for an important medium through which individuals may convey a variety of messages. However, if left unregulated, signs can become a traffic hazard, an aesthetic nuisance, and a detriment to property value. As a result, the Village has established a variety of regulations to help ensure that this does not occur. These regulations include restrictions on sign placement, the number and type of signs displayed, square footage, removal requirements, etc. In addition, a variety of signs require a permit issued by the Village Manager or Building Inspector. These signs include temporary signs, development signs, and contractor signs. It is important to understand the sign regulations, as violations can result in the issuance of a citation. Download the Sign Permit application.

Rummage Sale Signs

Rummage sale signs are permitted, but must be located entirely on the property to which they pertain and shall not exceed 3 square feet. In addition, they are limited to 2 signs per property and must be removed within 72 hours.

Political Signs

Political signs may be posted beginning the 1st day for circulation of nomination papers by candidates and must be removed within 3 days of the election. Political signs cannot exceed 6 square feet in size. Political signs are not permitted on public property, right-of-ways or within 100 feet from a polling place. The right-of-way in front of homes is the area between the culvert and the edge of the roadway.