Vacation Home Checks

Leaving home for a period of time? Taking that well-deserved vacation? The Fox Point Police Department offers a free service to check the exterior of your home when you are out of town. It is important to note that the vacation house check program is not intended, nor designed, to replace home security systems or other security services. Rather, it is a courtesy service designed to further protect your home and enhance the police department's ability to rapidly respond and remedy an emergency at the homes of our residents. The department will not check vacant properties, homes for sale / rent, or homes which are occupied during your absence.

As a safety precaution, only tell those that need to know about your plans to be away and never post vacation photos or make comments about being away from home on any social media sites or in voice mail messages; save your postings until you have arrived back home. Remember be safe and help protect your property.

Additionally, you should ask a trusted friend or neighbor to watch your home. They can take in papers and mail, water plants, open and close curtains, vary lighting and make the home look more "lived in." Make sure somebody removes snow or mows the lawn as the season dictates.

Please be aware that officer who complete these checks do not physically check doors and windows as we do not want to bring attention to a vacant property; however, if something seems suspicious the officer will investigate further. Checks are completed as a part of our routine patrol duties.

House Check Request Form