The Forestry Department maintains and replenishes the woody vegetation in the Village Right-of-Way and in the Village parks, parkways, playgrounds and civic areas. The Forestry Department also plants new trees and shrubs, removes dead and dying trees and stumps, prunes Village trees, maintains a street tree inventory, maintains Village flower beds in the boulevards, and provides assistance to residents on tree related topics.

Planting Trees

  • In Village right-of-way:

    • The Village Forester has created a listing of Recommended Street Trees (PDF) that are permitted for planting. Much thought has gone into this list to ensure species diversity and site adaptability within the Village. Residents are reminded that they need to contact the Village Forester to obtain a permit for planting within the Village right-of-way prior to any planting taking place.
  • On Private Property (Right Tree/Right Place)

    • We Energies has created Planting Trees booklet that provides great answers to tree panting questions.  Why plant trees?  Where should I plant my tree? What trees should I plant?  How do I plant and maintain my trees?  Also, 10 safety tips to remember.  For answers to these questions, click HERE.
  • On private Property (especially near power lines):

    • Trees growing too close to power lines can cause sparks, fires, power outages and shock hazards. To avoid these problems, property owners need to make good choices when planting.  Check out tips from We Energies and The National Arbor Day Foundation for more information about tree selection and proper planting locations.

Tree Canopy Assessment

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources conducted Community Tree Canopy Assessments for a number of selected Wisconsin municipalities.  Fox Point scored very high with 64% of the land area in the Village being covered by trees and shrubs.  This compares to a statewide average of 30%. 

Arbor Day Celebrations