Permits, Applications, & Licenses


Listed below are required Village permits, applications, and licenses. Return your completed application along with any required payment to Village Hall:

  • Drop it in the Village Hall drop box by the front door entrance
  • Mail it to Village of Fox Point, 7200 N Santa Monica Blvd, Fox Point WI 53217, Attn: Building Inspector

To schedule an inspection, contact Michael Rakow, building inspector, at (414) 247-6622.

Issued Permits & Licenses

Check to see if your permit or license has been issued using our Fox Point Property Files website..

  1. Click in the Search Address box and enter ONLY your address number. Example: if your address is 8000 N Lake Dr, simply enter "8000"
  2. Press Enter.
  3. Find your address and click "View Individual Records."
  4. Note: some addresses have several pages of document listings. In the bottom left-hand corner of the records box you will see "1,2,3..."
  5. Click the last number listed on the bottom-left to see the most recent permits issued for your address.

If you require additional assistance, call Village Hall at (414) 351-8900.