2018 Road and Utility Reconstruction Update

Payne & Dolan will be in town next week (the week of July 30) to begin milling Poplar Drive and prepping the road for asphalt pavement. Milling activities will take a few days and, thereafter, the road will be graded and checked for suitable soils. Areas of road needing to be removed due to soft and unsuitable soils will be excavated and replaced with stone and, thereafter, the first layer of asphalt will be placed on the road. It is currently anticipated that this work will be completed over the course of one to two weeks depending on weather and soil conditions. Please note that the driveway approaches will not be paved until the final lift of asphalt is placed. Also, after the first layer of asphalt is placed, the contractor will be back in town to perform ditch regrading and landscape restoration activities. Also, no paving will be done on Club Circle or Lilac Lane as the water service laterals still need to be installed and storm sewer and gas work remain to be completed.