Goodrich Gray Log Lanes Green Infrastructure

Starting on or about May 14, the Village will also be undertaking the construction of a green infrastructure project along Goodrich and Gray Log Lanes.  Through the public bidding statute, the Village selected WSO Grading & Excavating to perform the work which will include the following: correcting the severe erosion underneath each of the bridges, constructing stormwater conveyance channels on the banks of the ravines, replacing and installing new storm sewer pipes along Goodrich and Gray Log Lanes, and constructing permeable swales in selected areas along both roads.  A public information meeting was held on Wednesday, April 18, and a copy of the information presented at the meeting is linked to this message.  Some things to consider prior to and during construction include the following:

•  Residents affected by construction are requested to contact staff should they have dog fences, sprinkler systems or buried pipes that extend into the right of way (the ditch area adjacent to the road).  If they do, our contractor will make every effort to preserve the integrity of the private system but the Village cannot make any promises that the dog fences, sprinkler systems or buried pipes will not be damaged and may not be able to be repaired by the Village or its contractor.

•  Trees and other vegetation in the ravine and along Goodrich and Gray Log are scheduled to be removed if there is a conflict with the proposed permeable swales, stormwater conveyance channels and storm sewer improvements.  The trees to be removed are reflected on the power point presentation (Goodrich PIM2).

•  Roads will be closed to through traffic throughout construction.  In particular, Goodrich Lane will be closed from Gray Log east to Goodrich Court while work progresses on the east bridge (through mid to late July) then will be closed between Lake Drive and Gray Log Lane after the work on the east bridge and Gray Log Lane is completed (through roughly mid-September).  Detour signs will be set up to route traffic around the job site and residents of the area should anticipate using Fox Lane as the main ingress/egress point for the neighborhood.  The school district, fire department and police department have been notified and the school district has been asked to inform the bus companies of the impacts during construction.

Goodrich Presentation Materials_PIM1