State law describes five invasive species, including Creeping Jenny, that we should try to eradicate. The Village Board, by ordinance, recently added two more species to the list: buckthorn and garlic mustard. Buckthorn, we realize, can be difficult to remove. 

Professional pulling tools exist but are a bit expensive. Fortunately, a donor has come forward to purchase our first tool: the UPROOTER®. So, through the Office of the Weed Commissioner and the Village staff, we’ve created the ‘No-Grow-Co’. It’s a non-monetary cooperative through which residents can borrow the UPROOTER®—for free! 

If you are interested in borrowing the UPROOTER, please contact Village Hall to coordinate a time to pick it up and drop it off.  FREE OF CHARGE!!!

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For more information, please visit the UPROOTER website HERE.

Fox Point Village Hall

7200 N Santa Monica Blvd.

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