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  1. About Fox Point

    Read about the Village of Fox Point.

  2. Bicycle License

    Register your bike with the village.

  3. Bird City Wisconsin

    On March 22, 2012 the Village of Fox Point received notification that it achieved recognition as a Bird City Wisconsin for 2012-2013.

  4. Community Events

    Community Events

  5. Contact Us

    Send us a message.

  6. Crime Prevention Programs

    Specially trained crime prevention officers are available to conduct a security survey of your home or business. 

  7. Dog & Cat Permits

    Dog and cat owners are required to obtain a pet permit.

  8. Garbage Collection

    Garbage is collected at each residence in the village once a week. 

  9. Invasive Plant Species

    View information about invasive plants in our community.

  10. Tree City USA

  11. Leaf Collection

    Loose leaves are collected at the roadside during the months of October and November. 

  12. Fox Point Farmers Market

  13. Fox Point Garden Club

  14. Licenses, Fees & Permits

    Apply for different licenses and permits.

  15. Local Links

    Find a list of local links.

  16. Municipal Court

    The municipal court is responsible for overseeing and adjudicating all contested and uncontested municipal tickets issued by the Fox Point Police Department.

  17. Municipal News

    Review current news and announcements regarding the organization and/or community.

  18. North Shore Health Department

    The North Shore Health Department has a proud and respected tradition of providing excellent health services to our North Shore communities.

  19. North Shore Library

    Take a look at our local library.

  20. Payment of Taxes

    Don't forget to pay your taxes.

  21. Police

    The Police Department is responsible for providing public safety, security, protection, and welfare to persons and property by the enforcement of appropriate federal, state, and local laws.

  22. Police Services

    Take a look at all the services our police force offers.

  23. Recycling Collection

    Recyclable materials are collected once a week at homes.

  24. Report a Concern

    This link offers users an opportunity to submit concerns, complaints, and problems directly to the organization.

  25. Sex Offender Mapping

    Learn about sex offender mapping.

  26. Sign Permit

    Fill out the application to put up your sign.

  27. Stormwater Utility

    After much study and consideration, the Fox Point village Board adopted an ordinance at its February 10, 2009 meeting authorizing creation of a stormwater utility for the Village of Fox Point.

  28. Transient Merchants, Peddlers & Solicitors Permit

    Take a look at the Transient Merchants, Peddlers and Solicitors Permit.

  29. Urban Wildlife

    This link provides information from the Wisconsin DNR on living with wildlife in an urban area.

  30. Village Newsletters

    Village Newsletters

  31. Water & Sewer Bills

    View information about how to pay your bills.