2014 Private Property Lateral Rehabilitation

June 2015 update:  The lateral rehabilitation program that began Fall 2014 in Sanitary Sewer Basins 3 and 8 is approaching completion.  There are a few areas that still need to be addressed, but most of the work has been completed.  As a result, it is anticipated that property owners will begin to see invoices from the Village of Fox Point for their share of the cost to perform the rehabilitation sometime in August or September.  For those who elected to be specially assessed, you can anticipate that letters will be submitted to you in September or October as the final assessments do require Village Board approval.

On a related note, during our annual cleaning of the sanitary sewers, Village staff discovered other areas in Sanitary Sewer Basins 1 and 9 (Navajo, Seneca and Bergen areas) that had problems in the sanitary sewer laterals.  The laterals were inspected in May 2015 (through a televising event) and recommendations were made related to rehabilitation needed for those laterals that were failing.  We have elected to include these areas in our private property lateral rehabilitation program and, as noted in letters sent to the affected property owners in June 2015, they too are eligible for the program whereby they can receive reimbursement of 50% of the cost to repair the lateral up to $5,000.  Included here is a spreadsheet that contains the estimated costs to perform the work in these newly added areas.


In 2014, the Village of Fox Point is undertaking the rehabilitation of sanitary sewer laterals in Sanitary Sewer Basin Numbers 3 and 8. These areas are located primarily along Goodrich and Gray Log Lanes (Basin No. 3) and Beach Drive (Basin No. 8). This project arose out of infiltration and inflow investigations that were performed in 2010 and 2011 and sanitary sewer lateral televising that was performed in 2013. The purpose of the program is to eliminate as much clear water (storm water and ground water) from the sanitary sewer system as possible.

The project is also intended to take advantage of funding available through the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. Though participation in the program is not required, residents are strongly encouraged to participate in the program in order to take advantage of the funding opportunity. Current Village policy permits reimbursement of 50% of the cost of rehabilitating the sanitary sewer lateral up to a maximum reimbursement of $5,000. Estimated costs for each property are included on the Proposed Cost spreadsheet.

Publicly Available Letters
Copies of the letters that have been sent to residents are included in this website. Additionally, a copy of the presentation made to attendees at the Public Information Meeting on April 23, 2014, is also included. Please take a moment to review the information included. Residents in Basin Numbers 3 and 8 that are interested in participating in the program should sign the participation agreement as well as the Temporary Construction Easement and Waiver of Potential Condemnation Rights.

The documents included in this link include the following:
  • A copy of the Public Information Meeting letter sent April 4, 2014
  • The Public Information Meeting presentation - In it, you will likely find answers to many questions you may have
  • The proposed cost of lateral rehabilitation for each property - Two columns are highlighted: the left hand column represents the cost of rehabilitation to the property owner if the recommended length is repaired and the right hand column represents the cost to the property owner if the entire lateral is repaired. Residents are eligible for reimbursement of 50% of the cost, up to $5,000, regardless of the option they select
  • The participation agreement
  • A temporary construction easement and deed restriction - If you agree to perform the work, this document is required to be signed so that we may enter upon your property
  • A waiver of potential condemnation rights document - In essence, this document permits the Village to perform the work and secure the easement without having to go through the statutory condemnation process
  • A waiver of special assessment notices - If you elect to participate but would like to spread reimbursement to the village out over 3 years, you will need to sign this document as well. Interest, at this time, is 2%
  • Three resolutions that were adopted by the Village Board as part of this program
Should you have further questions regarding the project, please contact Scott Brandmeier, Director of Public Works, at 414-351-8900 or by email.

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