Transient Merchants, Peddlers & Solicitors Permit

All transient merchants and peddlers who engage in sales or sales activities in the Village must register and obtain a permit with the Clerk's Department.  The charge is $55 for an annual license, expire on the following May 31st, and $25 for a two week license. (Prices include the registration processing fee of $5.00)

Definition of Transient Merchant

A transient merchant means any person who engages in the retail sale of merchandise or services at any place in this state temporarily, and who does not intend to become and does not become a permanent occupant of such place. 

Definition of a Solicitor

Solicitors are those individuals who distribute literature, who obtain information or opinions, who seek to obtain contributions of money, services, property, or financial assistance of any kind, or who are attempting to promote any cause or conviction. A solicitor is not required to register or obtain a permit, but must follow all the regulations of the Village Code.

Further Information

For more information, please contact the Clerk's Office at 414-351-8900.