Estate Sale Permit

Estate Sales held in residential districts require a permit. An Estate Sale is defined as any sale occurring on residential premises wherein the personal property of the resident or property owner is held out for liquidation or public sale with the assistance of a paid, professional, commissioned, or in any other way compensated agent, or alternately which sale with or without an agent will occur over a total period of time greater than 72 hours.

Fees & Process
The fee for an estate sale is $50. In addition, the applicant shall post the sum of $500 or such other bond or proof of insurance against damages to the Village right-of-way or Village property as may occur. The $500 fee will be refunded less any sum retained for purposes of restoring or repairing any damage.  Applicant is also responsible for obtaining a permit for any signs posted in the Village.

Further Information
For more information, please contact the Village Manager at email or 414-351-8900.

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